Sep 21 2009


pstop @ 14:42

Would there be a minority issue in Thrace without the corrosive action of the Turkish Consulate in Komotini?
Everyone knows the real reason behind the numerous problems in the area, but nobody dares to name it explicitly. At the same time, nobody dares to highlight the security issue for the Greek state and the majority, the issue of the democratisation and integration of the minority, as well as the issue of rationalisation and normalisation of political and economic life in Thrace.

Who needs the Turkish Consulate in our city?

- Are there any Turkish nationals in Thrace?
- Are there really so many bureaucratic procedures in place – especially after the abolition of visas for Turkey – that would justify the presence of such a highly-staffed and costly service in Komotini?
- Are there minority rights issues within modern Greece, a member of the EU, which would require the presence of such a “guarantor”, e.g. those of the Turkish-occupied Kurdistan?
- Or does the Lausanne Treaty, which Turkey has turned into a piece of toilet paper from the day it was signed, require the presence of its own violator?

The answer is obviously negative to all these questions, as dictated by common sense.

Why is it then that the Turkish Consulate exists in Thrace?

- Is it to maintain a false flag diversion leading our fellow Muslim citizens to form a closed population that refuses to integrate?
- Is it to put in place or manipulate selected minority leaders in order to control the minority?
- Is it to contemplate how to ‘Turkify’ Pomaks and Roma and through this ‘ethnic cleansing’ to create a ‘Turkish minority’?

The local community is well aware of all these, but remains silent.
We all seem to accept the presence of the cat among the pigeons, some due to financial interests, others due to their political aspirations, and some others due to their complacency to the excuse of ‘a competent state’ that supposedly ‘knows what needs to be done’.
However, there is an urgent need for a public, democratic debate on the issue and the Thracian society should be able to express its will. We need a social movement, one that will highlight the real problems of the area that have reached such a fever point that their solution is a necessary condition for progression and survival. This is both on a collective and individual level.
The removal of the Turkish Consulate from Komotini is such a major issue that it should not be allowed to remain hidden under an everlasting silence. If we are a truly civil society, we have the right to freedom of speech and our voices should be heard!


Petition for the removal of the Turkish Consulate from Thrace.

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  1. hans brockmann says:


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  8. Magh says:

    Another issue to be clarified is that there is no turkish “minority”. A minority is only when the population in question is indigenous. However the people in question are the ‘exchangeables’ who came under the Treaty of Lausanne, because back then the kemalic state did not allow them to live under their muslim sharia.
    Today this reason no longer applies, so they must be returned – taking into account that they have committed several violations of the treaty’s terms, which defined exactly what they can and what they cannot have or do, in Thrace.
    The Turkish Consulate must be closed down as soon as possible, for its illegal actions and hostility. In addition the exchangeables must return to their country without any delay.

    There needs to be general information on the exchangeables, so that they are never mistakenly referred as “minority” – they are NO such thing.

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  10. HELLENE says:

    There is just one way to deal with the mongol turks. Put then in the trains and send them back to turkey. There they will realize how the mongols deal with their citizens. Simply, if they say anything against turkey, they put them in jail and through away the keys.
    So Mr mongol mohameti, stop pushing your luck because somebody will close your moth for ever. Enough is enough. Greece is a Democracy, but the Greeks cannot take mongols who spy their country like you !
    If you continue, you may find your body in the burn forest which you and your government have put fires (Your mongol government have already admitted this terrorist action). The Greeks are peaceful people, but they can also hit hard mongols like you !
    My suggestion is to take your mongolian families and get the hell out of the Democratic Greece. You DO NOT DESERVE TO LEAVE IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY MONGOLS !!! We are watching you mongols very closely !!!
    (An advise from a Greek American who loves Greece).

  11. Alexandros says:

    hans brockmann,
    Very soon the Greeks will put you on the train and send you back where you belong. To the barbaric mongolian country called turkey, which you love.
    With you, will be the consulate and the pictures of your leaders, including erdogan, davotoglu (who has messed up all countries in the erea, and supports the terrorist Hesbola), the Greek born kemal attaturk (who had some brains due to the fact he was born in Greece), and all your compatriots who get money from MIT to start fires to the Greek forests.

    We know you well and wathcing you very closely. So do not test the Greek nerves anymore. Remember what the Bulgarians did to the turks !!!!

    And by the way, if you think that the Greeks are easy to play with, remember that they almost went to Ankara and the turks were saved from the communists Russia !

    At this time NOBODY likes muslims the way they behave. So do not get cool, because my country (America) would never accept ANY muslim country to continue being a bully. For example like turkey.

    Turkish Kurdistan is on the way my friend, they already have parts of turkey under their control and erdogan continues to control the media and blah, blah, blah !!!

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